Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Scalable Growth?

Growth is a hot topic. Regardless of your industry, if your company isn't growing, it is dying. 

What MacGyver & the Fess Parker Have in Common

September 8, 2016 With the reboot of MacGyver starting this fall, it reminds me of one of the strategies behind my success - leverage already-existing assets to deliver results.  Coincidently, over Labor Day weekend, I went to Santa Barbara and stayed at the Fess Parker resort by Doubletree.  Of [...]

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It Takes All Types of Managers for Success

October 26, 2015 My Dad's funeral was this weekend, and it went as well as a funeral can go. We tried to make it a celebration of life. He certainly was a family man, and it was easy to remember all his good qualities. He drove me to skating [...]

Labor Day Parades & the Value of Tradition

September 7, 2015 It is Labor Day, and I am reminded of when I was young and growing up in Schaumburg, IL. Labor Day was really exciting because there was a great parade that went right by my house on its parade route. We'd wake up early to make [...]

How To Elevate Business Performance with Lean I.T.

Technological innovations are abundant, even overwhelming. Rather than trying to modernize at every turn seek to leverage your I.T. department to provide maximum efficiency without non-value added work. We hear a lot about lean, Toyota Production System and the like; however, I rarely hear about Lean I.T.  A friend [...]

Speed is King: How Do We Leverage for Project Management?

In the race for increased profits is speed leaving vital priorities behind? Assess all factors before jumping the gun. In today’s new normal business environment, customers want products and services delivered quicker. Investors want month-end numbers faster. Customers expect new products yesterday. Executives are expected to sift through an [...]

Turning Data Into Dollars

Extract the right data at the right time in a meaningful format for decision-making. Almost every company I work with seems to get caught up in the bells and whistles of their new or upgraded software; however, when push comes to shove, the bells and whistles mean nothing if [...]

Leverage as a Multiplier

Excellent leverage opportunities are easy to overlook, and a powerful advantage for those who look for them. If you had the opportunity to make $1,000,000 with 100 hours of work or 10,000 hours of work, which would you choose?  It sounds like a no-brainer; however, if that’s true, why [...]

Jump Start Your Project in the New Year

Published in "Project Times" website, January, 2011 Click here for original article. Projects often stall during the holiday season – or, at best, lose momentum. Typically, businesses are consumed in covering vacation schedules, dealing with last minute customer questions or crises (which somehow always seem to come up the [...]

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Leveraging Your ERP System

Another way to succeed in today's new normal is with innovation and leveraging already-existing assets. As I thought about leveraging ERP systems for a speech I gave earlier this month, I thought a few tips and questions to ponder might be of value: Improve service: how can you utilize [...]

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