September 7, 2015

It is Labor Day, and I am reminded of when I was young and growing up in Schaumburg, IL. Labor Day was really exciting because there was a great parade that went right by my house on its parade route. We’d wake up early to make sure we got seats at the end of our driveway and saved seats for friends and family. We were the cool house, at least that day!

We made a day of it! My Mom and Dad made it into a fun event. A few years I was in the parade with Girl Scouts, Indian Princesses, etc. – and many years I’d watch and run after candy that was thrown from many of the floats. The candy was a big hit! It was also a signal that fall was coming which is a much bigger deal in Schaumburg than it is in CA. I was very lucky to have such a fun tradition – who knew not everyone could immerse themselves in Labor Day parades!

One tip to implement this week:
Traditions are a great way to bring people together. What traditions do you have at work? Think about what is unique about where you work or the department you work with. Can you develop a tradition if one doesn’t already exist? It doesn’t have to cost money – or even much time. What could you do that would involve your entire team that might be fun for years to come? Consider this – it doesn’t have to be complicated. Bring the “right” attitude and create tradition. Come up with a silly game that creates camaraderie and supports the company or department culture. You just might have fun – and be one step closer to creating a tradition.

And keep your eyes open for open gates. Don’t think too long and do an analysis; instead, RUN through the open gate to leverage opportunities. Why let any pass you by?