I attended the Southern California Logistics & Supply Chain Summit last week, hosted by the Inland Empire Economic Partnership, UPS and the Drucker School.  It was certainly interesting to hear about the latest trends in logistics as it is such a crucial industry in Southern California and one of importance to jobs.  Coincidentally, logistics is the theme for our upcoming APICS Inland Empire executive panel and networking symposium.  Visit our website to see clips from our symposium to learn more about disruptive innovations in logistics.  Are you staying on top of what’s relevant to your company?  No matter what you do, I have no doubt logistics affects you!

One tip to implement this week:

Well, of course, if you are in Southern California, I advocate that you learn more and sign up for our event.  We have an amazing panel of experts, and it will be engaging discussions from all walks of life – transportation policy, rail, truck, import/ export, distribution and the like.  Are you interested in getting ahead of the crowd to see what’s coming?

It is also a good idea to take a few minutes to think about logistics.  It is definitely cornerstone in Southern CA since 40% of all the nations cargo goes through our ports which then is transported via truck, rail, air, distribution etc. to manufacturers, consumers, healthcare systems and more.  Think about the sheer volume that someone like Amazon ships on a daily basis?  It is mind boggling.

Also, did you know Southern CA is #1 in manufacturing?  Every manufacturer is accompanied by logistics partners bringing materials and components in and transporting products out.  Construction is still quite prevalent in the area, healthcare is on the rise – and each of these industries involves logistics.

There are countless ways to improve upon logistics to enhance your customers’ experience and increase profitability.  Take a few moments to brainstorm ideas and strategize on this key topic.

April 24, 2017