How Far Should You Look into the Future?

Setting strategy or designing a sales, inventory and operations planning (SIOP) process requires forecasting. How far into the future do you look and why? Whether setting strategy or designing a SIOP (sales, inventory and operations planning) process, one of the most important questions to consider is how far into [...]

VMI – What are the Benefits?

Vendor Managed Inventory is gaining in popularity as people realize the many benefits of supply chain collaboration. Vendor managed inventory can have many benefits - both from a strategic perspective and a tactical one. We are seeing that it is gaining in popularity as manufacturers and distributors and retail [...]

Do You Have Empowered Teams?

Making sure customers have the best service sometimes means loosening the reins and giving employees more freedom to make on-the-spot decisions. Lately, there has been a common theme at seemingly unrelated events - the importance of employee engagement and empowerment. Just in the last several weeks, it has come [...]

Gain a Strategic Focus on Quality IF Customers are Important

Understand what your customers consider to be good quality before investing in unnecessary costs.Even the founder of lean principles, Toyota, can falter on quality; thus, anyone can lose their edge – yet it is cornerstone to business success. People and companies have more choices than ever before. If you [...]

3 Takeaways from the Drucker Supply Chain Forum

The Drucker Supply Chain Forum engages a diverse group of supply chain experts to not only discuss trends and potential global disruptions, but also core values, employee engagement and careers in supply chain, logistics and distribution.At the Drucker Supply Chain Forum held recently, there was a panel of distribution [...]

What Did Every Distribution Executive Note as Key to Success?

At the Drucker Supply Chain Forum, there was a panel of distribution executives from Amazon, Toyota, QVC and Komar discussing "Company Culture as a Competitive Advantage".  I've found that if all of my clients (or my best clients) have something in common or emphasize the same point, I should [...]

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How Effective is Your Cross-Functional Collaboration?

Teamwork, communications and shared objectives are essential for cross-functional collaboration and project success. Cross-functional collaboration can make or break success. No matter how well a particular department or team performs, it is largely useless if done in isolation. Just like a car won't go if you press the accelerator [...]

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Case Study in Spotting Hidden Opportunities

To take a profitable path forward engage a team to spot hidden opportunities and reward the whole team for its collaborative efforts. Situation:  Our client was performing on par with their industry; however, to remain viable over the long-term, they had to kick it up a notch to grow [...]

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Thinking Long Term

Don’t be short-sided and make quick fixes that won’t be profitable over the long run. Take a longer, more strategic view, to grow a profitable business. We all know we should think long term. And we talk about thinking long term. But, do we actually think long term - [...]

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Are You Stuck in Silo Thinking?

It is easy to narrow your thinking and stay focused on work at hand, but we need to get our head out of our operations and think big to innovate and grow. We not only work across many manufacturing and distribution industries such as aerospace, building products and food [...]

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