Process Improvement

Want to Improve Your Business But Not Sure Where to Start?

Learn how your business stacks up with internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT), then take action. Volatility is here to stay! Even though we continue to drudge along in the lackluster recovery, excitement remains - earthquakes, nuclear disasters, global conflicts in Libya, oil prices skyrocketing again, [...]

Lean – Fad or Vehicle to Bottom Line Results?

If you notice and act upon trends, you will succeed. In my 20 years of experience across multiple industries and globally, I've found that a secret to success is identifying trends EARLY in the process and then acting upon them as it makes sense. Lately, I've had a plethora [...]

Business Process Improvement to Drive Bottom Line Results

Business process improvement has almost become a "buzzword" - sounds good but what does it mean? What is really accomplished? Many times, companies create volumes of 1-inch thick binders of best practice processes, and yet achieve no bottom line results. Anyone seen these binders collecting dust on the bookshelf? [...]

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Profit Through People

I am a supply chain and operations consultant and former executive. Based on my experiences, I have seen many companies look for the "magic ingredient" in how to achieve profitability. Several high-priced consultants and programs (such as Six Sigma, Total Quality Management and Toyota Production System) later, the company [...]

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A Few Secrets to Plant Manager Success

Today's international business climate is becoming more and more competitive and tough to stand out in the crowd. Additionally, more and more plant operations are moving to Mexico, China and other countries where there are lower wage rates, less intensive laws (workers compensation), etc. To succeed in today's environment, [...]

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Reducing waste

In manufacturing, the only route to success is to manage costs, reduce waste, and increase efficiencies. From a waste point-of-view, here are six tips to successfully reduce waste which will not only reduce costs but it also improve customer service. Stop doing those activities that no one uses anymore [...]

Commodity Businesses, Throw Out Continuous Improvement!

I was asked to give a speech in January of 2008 on trends and opportunities of 2008. While researching for the speech, I reviewed the last several months of Wall Street Journal alerts and other trends, and the overall story was downright scary - oil continues to push to [...]

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Sarbanes Oxley

Meant to protect investors and increase transparency in corporate accounting, implementing the Sarbanes Oxley Act takes some organizational introspection. The 2002 Sarbanes Oxley legislation (new, enhanced standards for all U.S. public companies) was established in response to high-profile financial scandals (Enron etc) in order to protect shareholders and the [...]

Implementing Processes

In my experience, processes are discussed and debated expertly; however, many times, they fail in execution. It isn't that the process is faulty; instead, it is process discipline and consistency that fails. So, I've included a few tips to successfully implement processes: Communicate and clarify - many times, it [...]

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Keys to Plant Management Success

To succeed in today's environment, it is no longer desirable to have a world class operation focused on providing a value add while maximizing resources; it is a requirement. Today's global business climate is becoming more competitive. It is tough to stand out in the crowd, and it is [...]

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