Process Improvement

The Manufacturing Connector – Profit through People

More than ever manufacturing and distribution operations are linked and fueled by people worldwide. When you make them the cornerstone of your success profit will follow. When I talk about The Manufacturing Connector(SM), I am referring to the comprehensive process to connect the rapid assessment and identification of key [...]

The Manufacturing Connector – Systems Pragmatist

To achieve significant progress on new organizational processes or systems tackle the fundamental to do list first: understand your current processes to figure out where the opportunities for improvement and systems leverage lie.

What Sort of People Culture Do You Need for Lean?

Team attitude, knowledge, skills, and resources will make or break the successful implementation of lean. The best managers prepare the company culture for a bumpy but rewarding ride.

Hidden Opportunities for Process Improvement

Business moves fast as customers demand more and competitors look for an edge to beat you. Excelling in this environment requires a proactive approach with continuous process improvement at the heart. Take any business process. I have no doubt there will be hidden opportunities for process improvement. When is [...]

Lean: Uncommon Common Sense

Lean benefits are not found in a three-day workshop, but rather arise and are sustained through culture change. I have always been a process consultant, typically focusing on those processes which are the most relevant to making rapid improvement with the specific manufacturer or distributor I am partnering with. [...]

Why are Processes Undervalued?

Processes are often undervalued. I have always been a process consultant yet I found out that I undervalued my value when it came to processes - if it can happen to someone who talks about processes continually, it can certainly happen to anyone. And it does! I find that [...]

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Business Process ROI

Systems pragmatists focus on achieving exponential returns on investment (ROI) with a combination of top-notch business processes, systems, and people. Business process improvement is starting to make a comeback as executives are thinking about how to increase efficiencies. I’m a fan of selecting a few critical priorities and re-focusing [...]

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