In my experience, processes are discussed and debated expertly; however, many times, they fail in execution. It isn’t that the process is faulty; instead, it is process discipline and consistency that fails. So, I’ve included a few tips to successfully implement processes:

  1. Communicate and clarify – many times, it requires communicating a process many times before it is absorbed. In addition to repetition, varying types of communication and the use of examples aids communication success.
  2. Also communicate and clarify the required targets – it is not sufficient to communicate the process without communicating the objectives/ targets. For example, if the production efficiency target is 90% yet the team thinks 80% is the norm, the process could be perfectly understood and still not successful.
  3. Explain the whys – why is the process valuable to the company, department, other employees, etc? What occurs if the process breaks down? Why does it matter?
  4. Ask for input and suggestions – listen, respond to all input and suggestions, incorporate the ones that make sense to prioritize currently. Repeat
  5. Develop metrics to track progress – there is no use running a race if you do not understand where you are in relation to the finish line.
  6. Follow up – typically everyone has too many priorities and can become overwhelmed. It is important to follow up to make sure everyone understands the process, why it is important, the goals/ targets and how they are performing.
  7. Provide tools – if the process requires systems and/or tools, make sure the team not only has the tools, but has also been trained on the tools and has had an opportunity to provide feedback/ request changes required to succeed.
  8. Hold the team accountable – the team will perform far differently if they know they are accountable to deliver the process (not only accountable to their manager but to their teammates)
  9. Remember to recognize and reward success – although financial rewards must be tied to performance, there are many forms of rewards and recognition that can have significant impact without spending a penny. A simple thank you can go further than you can imagine.