Replenishment, Distribution & VMI Planning

VMI – Do You Need Software?

Is software necessary for effective VMI implementation? Consider factors like scale, integration needs, and technical capabilities.

Collaborative Planning

Collaboration during the planning process is instrumental in creating an effective end-to-end supply chain where everyone gets what they need when they need it. My most successful clients consider collaborative planning a no-brainer.   In its simplest form, collaborative planning is partnering with your customers, suppliers and other supply [...]

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Growth?

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) offers companies a chance to partner with customers to better manage inventory and costs. Once the partnership proves fruitful, expanded business opportunities occur. I recently participated as a panelist with Michael DeCata, CEO of Lawson Products, for Industrial Distribution magazine's VMI (vendor managed inventory) webinar. [...]

Customer Collaboration on Orders = RESULTS

Working in partnership with your customers delivers winning results on both ends. Customer collaboration has become cornerstone to success in today’s supply chain driven world. We are all part of a supply chain, and so we must look for ways to thrive within our supply chains. Undoubtedly, those who [...]

The 4Ps to Collaborative Customer Program Success

When connecting people and process, think about using customer collaborative programs to link strategy with execution. Collaborative customer programs are becoming increasingly popular in today’s new normal business environment. Customers such as Cardinal Healthcare, Boeing, and the like are searching for ways to partner closely with suppliers in a [...]

4 Keys to VMI Success

Before talking about the keys to achieving VMI (vendor managed inventory) success, the question is: what is VMI? VMI is a process where the supplier places purchase orders for their customers to agreed-upon metrics.

Customer Collaboration

Customer collaboration is always a good idea; however, leveraging customer collaboration during challenging economic times can be one of the keys to success. Pick up the phone - some of the largest successes I've seen result from simple yet critical conversations. It can be as simple as calling a [...]

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