deflationary pressures

What Are Clients Experiencing in Today’s Business Environment?

Our clients continue to experience an unprecedented level of volatility and complexity. The common themes include: Continued supply chain disruptions: From computer chips to commodities to everyday components/ materials, clients continue to experience shortages and/or extended lead times. Continued challenges in finding people: Whether you are looking for a [...]

TNCRadio Live: Is There a Silver Lining in the Cloud of Confusion in Today’s Supply Chain?

Lisa Anderson, manufacturing and supply chain expert and president of LMA Consulting Group discusses inflation and deflation and where we are truly headed in regards to the many problems involving the supply chain. Is There a Silver Lining in the Cloud of Confusion in Today's Supply Chain?

Inflation or Deflation? ……….Why Does it Matter?

Most economists and media are concerned about inflation. For example, a new McKinsey & Co study offers up inflation as a fresh concern. And the media talks quite a lot about the printing of money in Washington – and how that could easily lead to inflation. In my opinion, [...]

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