ERP implementation

What’s the Best Way to Implement ERP Software?

ERP Implementation: Know the Plan, Process, Budgeting, Training and More The implementation of ERP requires more planning and budgeting than a wedding. Just like marriage, without proper preparation and planning, it often ends in failure. Whether you’re an ERP software veteran upgrading your current system or a newcomer, it’s no question [...]

Going Live on a New ERP System and the Importance of People

A client is going live on a new ERP system shortly, and so it is top of mind. As is ALWAYS the case, as you get close to the finish line, issues pop up and it feels like one nightmare after another. With that said, the team is doing [...]

8 tips for a successful ERP upgrade project

"You have to educate your users, which is different from training them”, said Lisa Anderson, founder and president of Claremont, CA-based LMA Consulting Group, Inc. and manufacturing expert known for creating supply chain resiliency. === Whether you love them or hate them, ERP upgrades are a fact of life. Nowadays, they [...]

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ERP software trends: what you should know for 2019

In today's marketplace, not only is the Amazon Effect in full force — requiring rapid deliveries and quick, data-driven decisions — but disruption abounds.
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Have You Thought About Whether You are Maximizing the Use of Your ERP System?

Explore the factors to consider before deciding on an ERP system upgrade: when to maximize your current system and when to pursue a modern, scalable solution.

Forget About Reducing Inventory; Perhaps You Have the Wrong Supply Chain Strategy

Maximizing supply chain efficiency - a strategic assessment for cost reduction and future-proofing your business.

ERP Selection: Why It Has Become a Strategic Priority

In today’s Amazonian environment, customers expect rapid delivery, over and beyond from cradle to grave, collaborative service, 24/7 accessibility and last-minute changes. Executives are realizing they must upgrade their technology infrastructure to meet and exceed these customer expectations while driving bottom line improvement.

The Top Women Influencers in ERP Technology

Highlighting the achievements and insights of leading women influencers shaping the ERP technology landscape.
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