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Resurrecting a Struggling System Implementation

Take the necessary steps and dedicate resources to review processes and think more broadly about specific steps and functions before the purchase of a new ERP system. We received a call this week from another frustrated CEO who is struggling with a system implementation. What we hear frequently from [...]

The Value of Implementation

Successful project implementation requires leadership and hard work to pick up the pieces when something goes wrong – because something always will. Strategy and plans do not fail in formulation; they fail in implementation. Time and time again, my clients prove this statement. Although I am an expert in [...]

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How Challenging ERP Can Be!

July 6, 2016 I met with an good friend and former colleague last night.  I've made many mistakes over the years (who hasn't?) but one thing I've done well is to stay in touch with TOP NOTCH people.  After all, people are the 80/20 of success.  Thus, although we [...]

Systems Strategies to Kick Off the New Year

Kick start your new year with business strategies that are more focused, faster and improve overall relationships. The 5P Accelerator is a new way to take a critical step toward success. Since I work with clients ranging in size from small, family-owned businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations, industries ranging [...]

Go-Live: ERP Fundamentals

To have a smooth transition implementing your ERP system, be sure to follow the supplier’s go-live process but don’t forget the fundamentals. Since one of my clients is going live tomorrow on a new ERP system, I've been thinking about go-live. Every software supplier has their "go-live" process and [...]

Design will Make or Break ERP Success

Take extra care to design your ERP system to make certain it works with every functional area of your business and to involve key people in the developmental decisions to ensure success. As several of my clients are building their systems infrastructure to better support their aggressive growth, it [...]

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Are Check Points Required to Deliver Project Results?

Effective project management has become cornerstone to business performance. Although we are largely in a recovery, none of my clients have gone back to the days of having more than the required resources “just in case” yet project demands are ever-increasing as profitable growth is key to success. In [...]

Customer Collaboration on Orders = RESULTS

Working in partnership with your customers delivers winning results on both ends. Customer collaboration has become cornerstone to success in today’s supply chain driven world. We are all part of a supply chain, and so we must look for ways to thrive within our supply chains. Undoubtedly, those who [...]

Innovation is a Must for Project Success

Projects often have a way of going from exciting ideas to abandoned ventures. Successful project management feeds off a culture of innovation to sustain projects all the way to the finish line. In today’s new normal business environment, innovation is a must for project success! Often, I hear my [...]

Why Upgrade Your ERP System?

With improvements in the economy and increasing customer expectations this may be the right time to upgrade your ERP system software. I've been talking with an increasing number of manufacturers and distributors who are beginning to think about upgrading technology and specifically their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Selecting [...]

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