Our Approach

No two clients are alike, but oftentimes they seek the same outcomes— creating bold customer promises and profits simultaneously. We focus on an aggressive yet realistic strategy that delivers results. As a trusted advisor and hands-on member of the team, we partner with you to determine where the focus should be (and, often more importantly, where it shouldn’t be!) and what’s required in terms of people, processes, partners and protocols (from both a technology and finance perspective) to make it happen – rapidly and successfully.

Our Results

We are known for partnering with clients to achieve bottom line business results.  We receive the most requests to….

Maximize the Customer Experience

Enable Scalable, Profitable Growth

Create Sustainability:
Teach Businesses to Fish

Don’t Listen to Us.  Hear What Our Clients Say

Chris Vansell, VP and Owner, Mission Rubber

K Means, CFO Coast Plating | Controller, Transtar Metals

Kelly Ford, Aerospace Executive

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Partner for Results
"In my 42 years in the business, Lisa is one of the most professional, dedicated and brightest people I have every worked with. In fact, she would be one of the few people that I would be honored to be asked to be part of her team."
Jack Middlebrooks
Executive VP, Transtar Metals
ERP Turnaround Vital to Success
"Lisa has a unique combination of big-picture perspective, with hands-on ability to implement change vital to the function of our enterprise. We went from suffering with manual work-arounds to succeeding with a fully-integrated business system."
Sheila Peyraud
Vice President, Donaldson

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What differentiates us?

Our clients tell us these 5 differentiators make a difference to them:

  1. Relationships – We believe in collecting good people, and this tenet is undoubtedly the reason behind our success.  We consider our strong network of affiliations, colleagues and clients our #1 asset.
  2. Service – In today’s Amazonian environment, providing a superior customer experience is the “be all, end all”.  We believe that has to start here – with our affiliations, colleagues and clients.  We have never seen happy customers and unhappy employees – have you?
  3. Results – Quite simply, we are known for delivering bottom line business results.  With our manufacturing and distribution clients, this means maximizing the customer experience, enabling scalable, profitable growth and creating sustainability by teaching businesses to fish.
  4. Expertise – We hear that clients find our thought leadership in industry circles to be valuable in staying ahead of “what’s next”.  You’ll find these ideas in our book, articles, speeches and quotes in the news.
  5. The LMA Performance Advantage – our unique, proprietary process for how we partner with clients to deliver bottom line business results.

Clients We Serve

When it comes to manufacturing and distribution organizations, we are expert – no matter the specific topic.  We take the holistic approach, rapidly assess the full scope from customers and human capital to business systems and related financial impacts, and will recommend and address the appropriate areas to deliver bottom line results.

Types of Firms

Within manufacturing and supply chain organizations, we have worked with a wide variety of size and types of firms yet the vast majority include:

Small & medium closely-held businesses

Large complex, global organizations

Private equity backed firms

Industry Focus

Within manufacturing and distribution companies, we have worked with a wide variety of industries; however, the preponderance of our clients fit within these categories:

Companies we’ve worked with:

  • ADI (PCC Aerostructures)
  • Castle Metals Aerospace
  • CMS
  • Coast Plating Inc.
  • Donaldson Filtration Solutions
  • Dow Hydraulics
  • Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense
  • Esterline Control Systems Mason
  • Eureka Aerospace
  • General Nucleonics
  • Kirkhill Elastomers
  • Metrex Valve
  • Noranco (PCC Aerostructures)
  • Sydor Optics
  • TA Aerospace (Esterline Engineered Materials)
  • Transtar Metals Inc.
  • United Western Enterprises
  • Corona Tools
  • Eliminator LLC
  • ESL Power Systems
  • Goodway Technologies Corporation
  • Index Fasteners
  • International Aluminum Corp.
  • International Extrusion
  • L.H. Dottie
  • Laguna Clay
  • Mission Rubber
  • Paragon Distribution
  • QC Manufacturing
  • Quality Granite & Marble
  • RACO Interior Products
  • US Aluminum
  • Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting
  • ZCL | Xerxes
  • ATNV
  • Chocolates a la carte
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Don Lee Farms
  • DS Casters
  • Eckert & Ziegler
  • Enevate
  • Green Dot
  • Health-Ade
  • Midpoint Bearing
  • Nestle Nutrition
  • Nestle USA Beverage
  • Oparc
  • Paper-Pak (Attends Healthcare)
  • PaperPak Industries
  • Rudi Wiest Selections
  • Santa Fe Plastic
  • SEMA
  • Vista Equity Partners
  • West Coast Corp

Service Lines & Proprietary Processes

No matter the specific need, if the client is a manufacturer or supply chain organization, we have experience.  In fact, our differentiator is our ability to assess the human capital, business systems, technologies and financials to clarify the priorities that will achieve the quickest and most impactful bottom line results.  With that said, several of our projects fall into these categories:

Supply chain

Growth & Change


ERP selection



Supply chain network assessment

Operational Performance


We are happy to stop by and talk with you about your situation.  Contact us.