Published October 24, 2014

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, UPS had robust growth in the third quarter, which was strongly influenced by the e-commerce boom. E-commerce now accounts for about 45% of U.S. packages. Is e-commerce on your radar?

I’m on the flight back from Phoenix as I went to meet with a potential ERP selection client and to see my parents. As I told my potential client, e-commerce is a must in any ERP selection project today. According to my recent Amazon Effect research report (which will be live shortly), e-commerce, websites, 24/7 accessibility and order status information have all become musts!

One tip to implement this week: If you have influence on whether your company offers e-commerce, RACE towards it. If you don’t, you can still have an influence. Look up similar companies on-line. What do they offer? Think about what might attract you to your company’s products and services. Provide suggestions to your boss, your marketing department etc.

Also take a look at your system and your website, how appealing are they? Are they accessible 24/7? For example, can your customers or suppliers look up order status updates and purchase orders 24/7? Provides suggestions and ideas to your boss, I.T., etc. In the vast majority of cases, employees at my clients are pleasantly surprised by how much influence they can have!