August 31, 2015

I was thinking about my dog, Abby (see below) – no matter whether I leave the house for 2 minutes or 2 weeks, she is absolutely thrilled to see me. Do your customers feel like that as well? Who doesn’t like to be greeted like a long lost friend every time?

Also, if you have seen those funnies about dogs and open gates, it makes you think. In essence if a dog sees an open gate, he doesn’t stop to think about whether he should go through or not. He runs through with his hair in the wind. I’m not suggesting we do things that we know will have negative consequences but we should take more risk to jump on opportunities – and believe we’ll succeed (which means we’ll get through the open gate before someone closes it). You might be surprised by what you can achieve

One tip to implement this week:
Think about treating your customers (both internal and external) like you are thrilled to be doing business with them and /or working with them. How can you make sure they feel special?

And keep your eyes open for open gates. Don’t think too long and do an analysis; instead, RUN through the open gate to leverage opportunities. Why let any pass you by?