February 5, 2016

So, other than being a bit depressed that the Arizona Cardinals are not in the Super Bowl, I am thinking about the Super Bowl (hard not to since the hype is everywhere). You’d have to be hiding under a rock to not know that it is Super Bowl weekend. If nothing else, it is a good excuse for a party and to get together with family and friends. The Super Bowl has become much more than a game.

Many people (myself included) are more interested in the commercials than the game – it has become “the” opportunity to stand out from the crowd with advertisements. If your ad is popular, it will go viral. Social networks can have a powerful effect – similar to Super Bowl commentary and ads, the same vehicles will have an impact on our brand. What is said about you will show up to potential employers. You might have thought about that; however, did you think about potential employees? Before deciding if they want to work at your company, they will check the company out – and you. After all, people do not leave companies; they leave leaders. The same is true for customers and suppliers. How are you perceived?

One tip to implement this week:
One easy tip related to personal branding is to act as though everything you say, your leadership style behind closed doors etc. will be published in tomorrow’s New York Times (or placed on an advertisement during the Half Time show of the Super Bowl). It could be – or at least the equivalent. This does NOT mean that you should hide under a rock and do nothing. Doing nothing is the equivalent to saying your approach / leadership style is to “do nothing”. Is that how you want to be known?