Cost reduction / Margin improvement

PR Newswire: Delivery, Pricing and Sales Support Top List of Three Ways Customer Expectations Changed for Manufacturers and Distributors According to Research

Originally published on PR Newswire on July 15, 2014 CLAREMONT, Calif., July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting Group(SM) and a supply chain management expert, hypothesized that Amazon and companies like Amazon have had an impact on service demands for manufacturers and distributors. In a [...]

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Profit Drivers

The key to success isn't to think about profit but instead to think about profit drivers. What business isn't interested in profit? None I can think of - even non-profit businesses need to be concerned about whether they'll come out "a wash". I find that the key to success [...]

Lessons from my Finance Mentor: How to Turn a Profit

My finance mentor definitely signifies "profit through people". I learned more from him about how to make a profit in the years we worked together than my BSBA, MBA (in Finance) and all the training classes over the years combined. He took all the complex terminology, confusing formulas and [...]

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Reducing waste

In manufacturing, the only route to success is to manage costs, reduce waste, and increase efficiencies. From a waste point-of-view, here are six tips to successfully reduce waste which will not only reduce costs but it also improve customer service. Stop doing those activities that no one uses anymore [...]

Tips to Reduce Operational Costs

In today's economy, there is no doubt a large focus on reducing operational costs (whether they are the traditional operational costs of a business or the day-to-day personal operational costs). Reducing operational costs reduces your breakeven point - definitely a key to success in today's economy: Reduce waste - [...]

Defining and Controlling Costs

Navigating growth gets tricky if you lose perspective on spending. Keep costs under control by identifying the spot where people, process and technology work best. Understanding and controlling costs has always been a critical success factor for the majority of businesses; however, during times of economic turmoil, it elevates [...]

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