2008 has been a challenging year for most people and businesses, so here are a few tips to ensure 2009 is a success.

  1. Consider last minute tax strategies – this is always a smart business and personal consideration, as there is often times a significant amount of potential savings in thinking ahead with taxes (after all, taxes and interest are typically the two largest expenses in your life). And it is never too early to start strategizing for 2009!
  2. Keep up on the trends – don’t focus too much on the inundation of negative news details; instead, focus on the high level trends and consider ways to be proactive, given the changing trends and circumstances.
  3. Continuous improvement/ learning – this is always important but never as important as it is in the current economy. I credit my brother Greg with reminding me of this tip, as he signed up for three on-line classes starting in January to keep up-to-date with the latest programming and engineering techniques so that he can provide increased value.
  4. Remember your positive attitude – as I said last month, a positive attitude is one of the keys to success in thriving during the current tough times.
  5. People and teams – do not go it alone. Work with teams. Brainstorm ideas. Debate options. Help others/ provide value. In my experience, the most successful people and businesses are surrounded by people working together to create something far more successful than any one person could create on his/her own.