Logistics has been making a comeback in the Inland Empire in the last 6 months! The port activity is up, employers are beginning to look at projects to improve operations and hiring is on the rise.

Earlier this week, I attended Norco College’s Logistics Advisory Committee meeting for their Logistics programs. Interestingly, Norco College is rated #1 in Google search engine results for these types of programs, and according to their students interaction with students from well-known, top notch universities who specialize in logistics and supply chain, their Norco College education is excellent.

It was also interesting to interact with logistics experts in the Inland Empire from organizations such as DMA (Distribution Management Association) and APICS (the Association of Operations Management) and companies such as Schneider, OHL, MIO Logistics, and OPC Trucking Co. There’s no doubt that logistics is key to the Inland Empire, and it is on the rise in early 2011.

There are several ways to improve productivity and profitability in logistics. I am working on a survey of the top 10 logistics trends for 2011, as it is an opportune time to take advantage of the recovery to improve your business. There are endless options – warehousing efficiencies, innovative transportation strategies, innovative material handing solutions etc.