It’s been proven that a simple thank you can achieve great results so why don’t we take the time out to appreciate our people more often?

  • Catch ’em doing right – What could be better than recognizing someone’s efforts in the moment? Better yet – the person knows you recognized their contributions and valued them.
  • A simple thank you – Many times, a simple thank you is enough. I can’t tell you how often I hear that from some of the most valuable resources my clients have.
  • Think about the person – Not everyone appreciates the same thank you gestures. Don’t consider what you’d prefer. Think about the person. Would an afternoon off be preferred? Or a special lunch?
  • Awards – Who doesn’t like to be recognized? However, to be meaningful, it has to be obvious that the person stands out in the crowd. The award shouldn’t circulate through everyone over time. Make sure it’s meaningful – and rare.
  • A special project – For high performers, one of the best rewards is to be put on a special project. What interests does your recipient have? How can you recognize them with a key role? Or with a special training opportunity?