Unfortunately, there have been countless layoffs during the recession – and some recent announcements by companies such as American Express and Abbott. Your company will not leverage the recovery if you haven’t thought about ‘what next’ for the survivors:

  1. It’s all about people. Do the survivors know they are valued? Talk is cheap. Actions count.
  2. Do your employees know where the company is headed? Do they see the leaders as just interested in survival or do they have a plan?
  3. Do the executives care? One of the craziest things I see more often than I’d like is an executive who says he/she cares and obviously doesn’t. Everyone knows it. Do not pretend. It’s better to be genuine even if you don’t care – at least you’ll be respected for being truthful.
  4. Most likely, it’s expected that the survivors will pick up the slack. I’ve found that most will rise to the occasion and even feel good about it – IF they are appreciated. Why is this so often overlooked?
  5. Survivors are learning new skills on the fly – are you providing training? Are you showing them it’s OK to make a mistake (so long as it’s not a trend of the same mistakes)? Or are they living in fear which undoubtedly creates additional mistakes and illnesses.