There is no doubt that the power of relationships is significant. Sometimes, it is depressing that the best person for the job, project, political position etc goes unnoticed while the so-so (bordering on or sometimes decidedly a poor choice) wins the day through relationships (with nothing to back it up). On the other hand, why not create sustainable relationships so you can ensure success of the best choice?

  1. Make your first thought of others – instead of thinking about what’s in it for you, think about what you can do to provide value to someone else.
  2. Get to know what’s important to those who are important to you and your business – what’s the point about guessing and providing all sorts of bells and whistles you find compelling if your customer (or employee, family member etc) doesn’t care about them? Instead, concentrate on finding out what’s important to them.
  3. Think value – instead of thinking about price or spending money at all, consider what the person or business values. Does the person value tangible objects or just time and focus?
  4. Be a positive role model – what can you do to make a difference each day? It could be as small as a few words of encouragement to a fellow employee, business acquaintance or the person at Starbucks.
  5. Keep in touch – as much as good intentions are important, be one who prioritizes the time to stay in touch. Be someone who values relationships.