To continue on the theme of the current tough business climate, it is critical that businesses are able to continually improve to become and remain competitive. Training is a key component in this process. However, concepts alone are not enough. It is important to understand the concepts and apply them. To achieve that goal, training is key:

  1. Applicable – training programs that teach concepts in an abstract environment might be interesting but do not achieve bottom line results. Instead, it is important to bring the topic to life and make it tangible for the students. Therefore, it is important to find an instructor with enough business acumen to be able to bring the subject matter to life so that the student can apply the concepts when the training is complete.
  2. Examples – One of the ways to make training applicable is to utilize examples and case studies. Research to find a variety of examples from different industries, different situations, etc so that they will likely apply to different students.
  3. Interactive – One of the best ways to achieve applicable learning is to make the training interactive. Find ways to involve the students in the discussion, answering questions, brainstorming ideas, solving problems, etc.
  4. The environment – create an encouraging and safe environment for the students. It is important that the student feel encouraged to ask what they might think are “stupid questions”, make mistakes etc. since learning takes place through that process. I’ve always believed in the quote, “mistakes are good, whereas a trend of mistakes is not”.
  5. Accountability – create an environment of accountability. Start on time, stop on time, and participate while in session. Make it an expectation.