It was time for an upgrade to modernize, clarify and take LMA Consulting to the next level! After a ton of work (especially in revamping the BLOG with a special thanks to Scott Herman of WebEditor Design Services), I’m thrilled to share our upgraded website with you.
As you’ll see, we have started to emphasize our three core focus areas:
  • Manufacturing: We have a passion for working with manufacturers. When it comes to manufacturing, you need experts who have worked in every aspect of a manufacturer from planning production and materials management, running operations, managing inventory and capacity, leading cross-functional new product and service projects to ensuring a smooth order fulfillment process in the supply chain. Manufacturing is at the heart of the American economy attracting a diverse and increasingly younger professional and at the heart of what we do.
  • Supply Chain: We see the end-to-end supply chain as strategic and vital. We are experts in driving end-to-end supply chain performance. Whether we look at this as cradle to grave, from creation to customer, from inception to reception, from concept to cash or from significance to service, the key is how to simplify the complexity of the supply chain to drive performance. We have a passion for elevating the customer experience and creating bold customer promises and profits simultaneously.  
  • Technology: Technology must play pivotal role to create scalable, sustainable success. We are experts in selecting, designing and partnering with you to implement the appropriate technologies to drive scalable and sustainable success. We are globally recognized as unbiased experts in ERP and associated technologies. Pulling from our deep process and cross-functional expertise from finance to operations and systems, we synthesize your business process requirements, keep up-to-date on the latest technologies, and simplify and prioritize so that you receive a powerful return on investment.
We also focus on who we help including the industries of aerospace and defense, building and construction products, food & beverage/ consumer products, and healthcare products. We talk about our services, results and books.
I’m particularly excited about our resources webpage. In addition to our newsletters, special reports and LMA Intelligence areas, we have highlighted….
  • LMA Interviews – very excited about our recent interview on Supply Chain Brain, SAP Global Conference, Shark Bite Biz, and Bloomberg.
  • Webinars: we have been talking about future-proofing manufacturing and supply chain, the supply chain and COVID, and where is the toilet paper: managing the bullwhip effect.
  • Podcasts: these are gaining in popularity with COVID, and you’ll see a supply chain interview on RipCity, an interview with SAP on intelligent ERP the foundation of digital evolution, and a Critical Mass interview about manufacturing. We are also excited to announce shortly that our e-Book on Future-Proofing Manufacturing and Supply Chain will be available in audio thanks to C.J. Nord!
In fact, we will be further upgrading our video so they are searchable in phase 2 and so stay tuned.
Of course, we always appreciate your feedback, insights and requests.