A Fractured Tooth & The Power of Caring

Well, no doubt about it, when it rains, it pours. I had a tooth ache that lasted about a week, and so I called my dentist. They took an X-ray, and it didn't really show anything; however, when looking with a microscope, they could see the fracture. We had [...]

Leveraging Key Metrics to Increase Efficiencies and Resiliency

Published in Arabela on Oct 20, 2020 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc. in Claremont, California has been invited to discuss how to leverage technology and key metrics and analytics to help measure and improve your warehouse performance. Click [...]

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15 Supply Chain & Logistics Experts

Published in Ratelinx on Oct. 19, 2020 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., was named one of the supply chain experts who is eager to share insights and advice. Click here to read more.

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Keeping Your Employees Motivated

As COVID-19 drags on, we are starting to see more Zoom fatigue and frustration show in employees. We are all tired of sitting at home with limited interaction and tensions can run high. It is certainly difficult to work remotely while filling in for your children's teachers, supporting more [...]

What Should We Be Thinking About Supply Chain?

If it isn't already, your end-to-end supply chain must be part of your strategy discussions. I was recently featured at SAP's SAPPHIRE NOW Coverge global conference on supply chain since it is such a timely topic.  Interest has been heightened as supply chain challenges intensify throughout the world.  Minimally, we should [...]

e-Commerce has Exploded

There is no doubt that one of the ONLY things in common across all clients and industries is that e-commerce has exploded. One client was prepared to take advantage of the opportunity and grew e-commerce sales almost 300% during COVID. In another example, online shopping has experienced a [...]

What’s Happening in Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Leadership – Lisa Anderson, LMA Consulting

What’s Happening in Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Ecommerce – Lisa Anderson, LMA Consulting

Zoom Fatigue and How to Stay Engaged

Lots of people are complaining of Zoom fatigue. Do you have Zoom fatigue? It can be a challenge to be in front of a screen and camera for 8-10 hours a day. After all, there are some days I don't have time to eat, get a drink or use [...]

Resilience vs Efficiency in This Next Normal

Published in SAP Vision 33 on Oct. 2020 Lisa Anderson, founder and president at LMA Consulting Group Inc. based in Claremont, Calif. was the opening keynote speaker on day 3 at the SAP Vision 33 Virtual Conference. Click here to read more.

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