The Value of Customer Service

The value of customer service might not be clear until it's necessary - after all, it seems like not a big deal to potentially sacrifice a bit of service in order to gain a good discount. How many of us shop for discounts at the store? Or, in a [...]

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Why Start with Inventory Accuracy?

As companies set priorities for 2010 or next year's budget, it is important to understand where to start. So, why should inventory accuracy be a top priority? It's required from an accounting standpoint. Typically speaking, inventory can be a substantial number on your financial statements. What could be more [...]

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Sustainability – who knew that it’s common sense?

Liken sustainability to reducing waste, which in turn respects the environment and makes business financial sense. Sustainability is gaining traction in today’s cutting edge discussions. Whenever a topic pops up in multiple places suddenly, I take notice. I’ve read multiple articles in trade publications and magazines, attended a keynote [...]


As innovation is key to succeeding in the "new normal", I thought a few tips might prove helpful: Create a culture of innovation - it's not enough to encourage innovation in R&D. Those companies who create a culture of innovation will be those who succeed. Start with the customer [...]

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Why Customer Service Should be #1

As I'm on my way to New York to give a speech on leveraging supply chain strategy to achieve a competitive advantage, I've been thinking about common themes with my speeches, articles, surveys and client observations - customer service emerged as a vital priority in all cases. Customer service [...]


Bedrock - always appropriate. I want to thank my mentor in this topic, Debra Daniels for her expertise – Debra, have I incorporated your wisdom appropriately? Build safety into the culture – most safety programs are pointless as they are considered an outside program (and many times, meetings are [...]

Execution: The Difference Between Profit & Loss

Lately, I've been thinking about trends among my consulting clients and how my value has most helped in driving bottom line results. Undoubtedly, it boils down to execution. Those clients who are able to execute strategies and plans are those who are the most successful – grow the business [...]

Leveraging Your ERP System

Another way to succeed in today's new normal is with innovation and leveraging already-existing assets. As I thought about leveraging ERP systems for a speech I gave earlier this month, I thought a few tips and questions to ponder might be of value: Improve service: how can you utilize [...]

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