A Hidden Key to Project Success

Published in "Project Times" website, May, 2010 Click here for original article. In my experience in working with multiple companies across multiple industries and globally, I’ve seen many projects succeed while others fail.  Although there are countless types of projects, ranging from a new product launch project to a [...]

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Building an Innovation Culture – What Is Vital?

What is vital to building a culture of innovation? There’s one word – leadership! A recent Industry Week article showed several examples of innovation success – the key is that executives must be committed, patient and ready to lead by example. Doesn’t this sound like something we should do [...]

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Inflation or Deflation? ……….Why Does it Matter?

Most economists and media are concerned about inflation. For example, a new McKinsey & Co study offers up inflation as a fresh concern. And the media talks quite a lot about the printing of money in Washington – and how that could easily lead to inflation. In my opinion, [...]

Top Three Causes of Project Failure

Published in "Project Times" website, April, 2010 Click here for original article. So much of an organization’s success is tied to project success!  Can you think of any significant organization initiative or improvement that didn’t tie to at least one project?  I’ve worked with many organizations, across diverse industries [...]

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Unemployment in CA & the U.S. – What Can We Do?

According to the UCLA Anderson Forecast, it is predicted that California employers will shed another 90,000 jobs this year and job growth will remain slow. Overall, it’s expected to remain around 12%. California is far worse than the national average (which hovers just below 10%); however, there is much [...]

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US Manufacturers Face Shortage of Skills – How Can That Be?

According to a study released in 2009 by Deloitte, the Manufacturing Institute and Oracle revealed that nearly a third of companies were experiencing a modest to severe shortage. Gaps in such skills as problem-solving and communication also were noted in the study. This doesn’t seem to add up vs. [...]

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Why Leadership Can Make or Break Your Business: A Compilation of Case Study Examples

As originally written for AMA – April 2010 In today’s “new normal” business environment, leadership is even more critical to achieving bottom line results because customers are demanding more for less, employees are concerned about the future, and cash is tight.  In my experience in working with clients across [...]

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Project Risk – Should You Care?

Published in "Project Times" website, March, 2010 Click here for original article. In my experience, most organizations discuss risk but rarely implement a plan that would mitigate real risks.  Why?  I think it’s because everyone knows risk should be considered but few are clear on how to be successful [...]

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Made in the USA Gains Momentum

I was recently quoted in a World Trade Magazine article, “Made in the USA Gains Momentum”, and so I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss on my blog. Read the full article here. Actually, I am quite interested in this topic, as I believe we MUST [...]

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Why Project Planning is Critical to Attaining Strategy Objectives

Published in "Project Times" website, March 3, 2010 Click here for original article. As we are beginning to emerge from the recession (and starting to feel as though we've survived the worst of it), executives are beginning to think about "what's next" - how to achieve their strategy and [...]

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