Why Leadership Can Make or Break Your Business: A Compilation of Case Study Examples

As originally written for AMA – April 2010 In today’s “new normal” business environment, leadership is even more critical to achieving bottom line results because customers are demanding more for less, employees are concerned about the future, and cash is tight.  In my experience in working with clients across [...]

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Made in the USA Gains Momentum

I was recently quoted in a World Trade Magazine article, “Made in the USA Gains Momentum”, and so I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss on my blog. Read the full article here. Actually, I am quite interested in this topic, as I believe we MUST [...]

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Just when you thought you “had” it…

Taking a step back and reevaluating what you’re doing (whether personal or professional) and how it fits into the big picture is unbelievably important! Just this morning, I thought I was highly organized and prioritized in how I was attacking my long to-do lists and what I focused on……..until [...]

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Awarded Board Approval in Supply Chain Strategy

I wanted to share a recent success with you. I was awarded Board Approval in Supply Chain Strategy by the Society for Advancement of Consulting (SAC). To read more about it, I’ve attached the press release below: The Society for Advancement of Consulting® (SAC®) has approved another member to [...]

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Should you Throw Out Complex Project Timelines?

This is exactly the subject matter of my recent article published in Project Times, “Throw Out Complex Project Timelines”. Thus, my answer is YES! The current recession has made it all the more critical that companies deliver the expected project results – on time, on/under budget and meeting/ exceeding [...]

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Who has the time to continually learn?

No one; however, you MUST make the time. I realize that it is often times at the bottom of your priority list, as there are endless daily tasks – people to call, work to complete, events to attend, etc. And, these tasks can be important to your career, finding [...]

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Why pay attention to trends?

In my experience in working with multiple companies ranging from a 1-person inventor to multi-billion dollar international companies across multiple industries and working internationally, it’s noticed that one common denominator is that trends are critical. Noticing trends has been some of the most significant value I’ve provided to clients [...]

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Are multicultural communication skills necessary?

Absolutely! I was recently quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Philly.com addressing this topic from an employer’s perspective re: job candidates. There is no doubt that communication skills are not only #1 in the job search process but also in career success in general – I’ve seen countless examples where [...]

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Invest in your business and yourself NOW!

Every day, we hear about companies cutting back, laying off employees, cutting advertising and R&D budgets, etc. And, every day, I hear about job seekers and even those currently employed cutting back on investments in self development etc. It is the overwhelming majority. However, as I discussed in a [...]

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