Cutting through Red Tape in Government Procurement

Published in ThomasNet News on July 10, 2012 Lisa Anderson, founder and president of LMA Consulting Group, Inc. whose firm consults with businesses on strategic operations, supply chain, operations management and other disciplines, nevertheless cautions, "If your business isn't focused around a core competency that relates to government contracts, [...]

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How Do I Implement Lean I.T. and Accelerate Business Results?

One of my colleagues, Vicki Jeter, is exceptional at designing and implementing lean for I.T. – in essence, Lean I.T. is about providing value in the eyes of the customer, driving out non-value-added work, and leveraging systems to achieve bottom line results. A few tips I’ve learned from her [...]

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Press Release: Strategic Operations Consultant Lisa Anderson Shows Business Executives How to Succeed by Creating a Customer Service Edge

Originally published on PR Newswire on October 18, 2011 Business managers and entrepreneurs can thrive in today's new normal business environment with increased profitability and customer loyalty with already existing assets by creating a customer service edge, according to Lisa Anderson founder and President of LMA Consulting Group, Inc. [...]

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Are You Undervaluing Your Project Leaders?

As I just spoke on the “Secrets of Project Leadership Success in the New Normal” at ProjectWorld / BusinessAnalystWorld in Vancouver and had some fascinating discussions with other speakers and participants, it got me thinking about how often excpetion project managers are undervalued. As it’s clear that those companies [...]

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Emerging Hot Topic – Transportation

With the price of fuel rising 30% from January to early June, transportation costs are rising in importance again. According to 80% of the finance chiefs interviewed by the Duke University/ CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook survey, high oil prices are hurting their business. I quickly learned that my [...]

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Got Cash?

You wouldn’t think so from the way companies are hoarding cash; however, in general, they have a stockpile of cash and remain leery to spend it. Last year, there was a 2% decrease in days working capital (DWC), according to CFO Magazine. Not significant by any means. Interestingly, all [...]

Defining the Entrepreneurial Spirit

As originally published in Inside Supply Management August 2011 Achieve an entrepreneurial spirit or be left to slowly wither away in today’s new normal business environment.  With the retiring of the baby boomers, high commodity prices and nagging unemployment, the new normal is characterized by weak sales growth (at [...]

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