Implementing Processes

In my experience, processes are discussed and debated expertly; however, many times, they fail in execution. It isn't that the process is faulty; instead, it is process discipline and consistency that fails. So, I've included a few tips to successfully implement processes: Communicate and clarify - many times, it [...]

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Customer Collaboration

Customer collaboration is always a good idea; however, leveraging customer collaboration during challenging economic times can be one of the keys to success. Pick up the phone - some of the largest successes I've seen result from simple yet critical conversations. It can be as simple as calling a [...]

Tips to increasing sales revenues

Clearly, one of the keys to thriving in the current recession is to be ahead of the competition in terms of sales: Remember value - don't focus solely on price. Focus on value, defined in terms of value perceived by your customer. Differentiate yourself with customer service - providing [...]

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Tips to Reduce Operational Costs

In today's economy, there is no doubt a large focus on reducing operational costs (whether they are the traditional operational costs of a business or the day-to-day personal operational costs). Reducing operational costs reduces your breakeven point - definitely a key to success in today's economy: Reduce waste - [...]

Defining and Controlling Costs

Navigating growth gets tricky if you lose perspective on spending. Keep costs under control by identifying the spot where people, process and technology work best. Understanding and controlling costs has always been a critical success factor for the majority of businesses; however, during times of economic turmoil, it elevates [...]

Innovate or Die

In today's economic environment, slow and steady progress, a continuous improvement philosophy and a low-cost producer, commodity focus will likely result in death. Why? Because it takes more than "good" to stand out in the crowd and deliver consistent and growing profitability; it takes radical change and innovation. In [...]

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Keys to Plant Management Success

To succeed in today's environment, it is no longer desirable to have a world class operation focused on providing a value add while maximizing resources; it is a requirement. Today's global business climate is becoming more competitive. It is tough to stand out in the crowd, and it is [...]

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Leverage the Transferability of Best Practices

It has recently occurred to me that businesses are missing a huge opportunity to leverage the transferability of best practices. Although as a business consultant, leveraging best practices has been an "assumed" part of the value I provide clients, even I missed the boat and forgot to leverage this [...]

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Leverage Your ERP System for Bottom Line Business Results

In my conversations and discussions with clients, bankers, CPA's and business contacts, I have a different picture than is presented in the news and is implied in recent stock market performance. In my view, there is a stabilization; however, this "new normal" business environment is one characterized by lower [...]

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