There seems to be an increased interest in Executive presentations lately….perhaps because there is less money to spend with more competition for each dollar. If you are interested in additional detail on the topic, refer to my recent article, “Senior Management Commitment & the Bottom Line” on my website. A few tips on the topic include:

  1. Focus on bottom line results – what else is there to say? This is vital.
  2. Keep the presentation at the high level – it is tempting to get down into the details and methodology. Don’t. Once the concept is approved, focus on detailed plans.
  3. Use process visuals (graphs) – as the saying goes, “pictures are worth a thousand words”.
  4. Focus on the pragmatic – I’m thrilled to say that pragmatic is coming back into style (as it is right up my alley). Is it reasonable? Attainable? Can it be achieved within a reasonable amount of time?
  5. Present a complete picture in terms of resources, support needed, priorities etc. – keep it to the key points but it is critical to include all relevant data so that the Executives have the big picture.