Taking a step back and reevaluating what you’re doing (whether personal or professional) and how it fits into the big picture is unbelievably important!

Just this morning, I thought I was highly organized and prioritized in how I was attacking my long to-do lists and what I focused on……..until I took a step back and brainstormed with a business colleauge. To our shock & dismay (at first), we both discovered that we were moving aggressively and happily down the path in the general direction of our goals but we didn’t realize that we were lopsided in our time allocations/ focus. The good news is that we both were allocated appropriately for the past quarter; however, we missed the boat in terms of the optimal strategy as of the 4th quarter!

Thus, I learned a few keys today:

  • First, are your priorities focused on what’ most important in moving you or your business forward? (In this respect, we were both ok)
  • Second, when you think about how much time and resources you are focusing on the different priority categories, does it make sense to achieving the overall goal? (We both missed the mark on this one)
  • Third, should you reprioritize or reallocate? (Got this one)

Thus, we were 2 for 3 – not fabulous but not bad. The great news is that we realized this while only a month into the quarter and so we can adjust.

CONTINUALLY think about how you are spending your time. What should your priorities be? What are your priorities? (meaning, how do you really spend your time and resources) How can you reallocate? Reprioritize? Use leverage?

Nevertheless, I went home and started deleting items off my calendar and thinking about how to add focus on key items. How about you?