Global Trade, Geopolitics, & Import/ Export

How any U.S. Company Can Survive a Trade War with China

With all that is going on with China in terms of trade wars, currencies, natural resources and more, it begs the question of what we should be thinking about doing business with China. Is it prudent?

Biggest Shakeup in Decades Coming to the Shipping Industry with IMO Regulations

According to Reuters, the biggest shakeup in decades is coming to the shipping industry as the IMO regulations go into force in January.

The Global Logistics Landscape

Global logistics is relevant to GDP and to every business that produces, distributes and sells products.

The New NAFTA & What It Means

Insights on the impact of the new NAFTA on supply chains and how it affects global trade and business strategies.

Last Mile Has Become Last Minute & the GE Port Optimizer

Insight into how GE Port Optimizer is reshaping last mile logistics for enhanced supply chain performance.

Supply Chain Resiliency: Video Interview on Global Competitiveness

Our most successful clients build innovation into the daily routine, and it is no accident that they are the most resilient as conditions change.

Go Global, the Export Opportunity

We know of multiple manufacturers who have "made their name" and grew their business by focusing on export.  Even if you only want to supplement a robust U.S. marketplace, since we are living in a global, interconnected world, why not at least explore the opportunities in your industry? 

The Ladies of Logistics & Global Trends

September 10, 2018 Thanks to Elizabeth Warren for hosting the informal Southern CA group, the Ladies of Logistics (LOL) as we had a fabulous time and made amazing connections.  Where else can you go and see every key connection related to trucking, the ports, freight forwarders, logistics, global [...]

The Resilient Supply Chain: Global Trade Unrest

In today's Amazonian environment, the customer experience is of paramount importance.  Nothing else matters if the customer isn't happy.  Thus, all the conversations going on about trade really just comes back to the customer.  What is the best way to service your customers?
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