In today’s economic turbulence and with the increased stress in both business and personal environments, networking and personal relationships are even more critical to success.

  1. It’s not about #s – remember, networking is not about numbers; it is about the value of real relationships.
  2. Trust – there is nothing more important than trust and credibility in building lasting relationships.
  3. Integrity – it should go without saying that integrity is cornerstone. Obviously with recent news headlines, it seems rare, but those with solid integrity will be the ones to prevail in the end.
  4. Provide value – focus on how you can be of value to your network – everyone has something to offer. Think about it and try to do one thing a day to help and/or provide value to someone in your network.
  5. Keep in touch – go the extra mile even though you might be swamped with business and personal challenges. Don’t just talk with people in your network when you need them; prioritize your network and keep in touch consistently – you’d be surprised what an email or call might mean to a customer, supplier, colleague, or friend.
  6. Be persistent – if you know someone is worth the effort, be patient. Many people are busy and preoccupied on life’s many challenges – if the person, business associate or customer/ client is worth it, don’t give up.
  7. Referrals – remember that referrals are one of the most powerful sales tools in any business. Start by being referable.