Now that Labor Day is behind us, and we are “back to the grind”, I thought a few tips/ thoughts for the week might be appreciated. I welcome additional ideas, comments etc.

  1. Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish this week
  2. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize – how many of you have longer to-do lists than is feasible (probably even within a month)? The solution is to prioritize – what will make the largest impact? Which items are time sensitive? Etc?
  3. Focus your efforts on the top priorities – this yields the best results… doubt about it!
  4. Track progress – remember, this doesn’t have to be complicated. Just review your list and see which you’ve done and what’s left to do.
  5. Adjust accordingly – after all, what’s the point of tracking progress if you do not adjust? Also, it is quite possible an unexpected priority will arise, which will require a re-evaluation of your list.
  6. Remember your relationships – review your list, have you prioritized relationships? It is easy to get side-tracked on 1000’s of tasks and forget your relationships.
  7. Consider developing options – not every item on your list has to be achieved with 1 solution. Think about alternatives that will meet your objective with less effort, less resources, etc. Having options can only aid in your success.
  8. Is there anything on your list that will provide value to someone else? Can you add something?
  9. Will you be learning anything, based on your list? It’s always a good idea to incorporate continual learning into your plans – no matter how small, it adds up over time.
  10. Remember to take good care of yourself, as this will help your productivity and success. Even one step better, add anything you might not have time to do to your priorities so you remember to do it.