Supply chain is dominating the news. Demand is soaring, ports are backed up, container prices are soaring, shipping costs are skyrocketing, warehouses are full, and manufacturers are experiencing extended lead times across the board. The end-to-end supply chain challenges are exacerbated with the great resignation of people. Unfortunately, these issues are not going away anytime soon. We will talk about the current state of the supply chain, and more importantly, what executives should be doing to survive – and thrive – during these volatile times.

  • Strategies to retain, develop and attract talent during the great resignation
  • The regionalization of manufacturing and the great migration back to local
  • Digitization of the supply chain and turning data into insights
  • The resilient supply chain and how Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SIOP) can help you scale and serve customers
  • Innovate to thrive

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