Cycle Counting

The key to effective cycle counting is to not get bogged down in resolving every dollar, but rather focus on the significant discrepancies.The main goal of cycle counting is to cycle through your inventory to ensure inventory accuracy on a consistent basis. (In contrast, a physical inventory is a [...]

Forecasts are always wrong so why bother?

By definition, a forecast is always wrong, so why bother? The main reason is because your customers are key to your business, and your forecasts/ demand plans represent your customer demand. And, if you provide excellent service to your customers in the most efficient and consistent manner, you will [...]

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A Few Secrets to Plant Manager Success

Today's international business climate is becoming more and more competitive and tough to stand out in the crowd. Additionally, more and more plant operations are moving to Mexico, China and other countries where there are lower wage rates, less intensive laws (workers compensation), etc. To succeed in today's environment, [...]

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The foundation of business success – Data Integrity

After working with many companies on a wide range of business issues, one common element permeates through all of them - the need for improvement with data integrity. It is much more than a "systems" topic; it is cornerstone to your business success. The integrity of data (whether manual [...]

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Finance… bean-counters or value added resources?

The global business community is becoming more and more competitive. In order to survive, you no longer have to be one of the best "on your block" or one of the best in the USA; instead, you must be one of the best in the world. It is becoming [...]

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Strategy – it doesn’t fail in formulation; it fails in execution

It is interesting to sit back and watch as companies spend millions of dollars on strategy formulation, just to achieve minimal results due to poor execution. Yet, the process repeats constantly - more money is dumped into strategy formulation, 3 ring binders, fancy Power Point slides, etc. On the [...]

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Quality Tips

Manufacturers can no longer count on customer loyalty but they can expect customers’ continued demands for quality products and service.Quality has seemingly fallen out of favor in terms of the number of articles and attention in industry circles; however, it remains a bedrock principle for customer service and profitability [...]

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service and customer relations can make or break your business: Focus on providing value - know what your customers' value (service, price, features, lead time, etc). How can you be better than everyone else in providing your customer's priorities? Don't over-promise - it is far more important [...]

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