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8 Don’ts in Leveraging Social Networks Successfully

I've yet to meet a manufacturer or distributor that didn't want to improve customer service and operational performance - and preferably yesterday. In today's new normal business environment, it is a tough competitive environment - you must be ahead of your competition in understanding your customers' desires and provide [...]

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Duke University & CFO Global Outlook Survey Suggests Optimism

March 23, 201 According to CFO, Duke University and CFO Global Business Outlook Survey suggests strong optimism! In fact, the survey's optimism index for the quarter jumped to 69 (on a 100-point scale) which is the highest level in 14 years. This is also significantly higher than the long-run [...]

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Customer Communication Strategies for Success

Expand customer communication strategies to continually explore partnership opportunities for win-win situations. Improving customer communication is always a good idea; however, making these communications a key focus area is pivotal in today’s new normal business environment. I am consistently hearing about top priorities of business growth and improving business [...]

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Social Media Buzzing in the News

According to a recent Deloitte and Forbes Insight study, business leaders identified social media as the 4th largest risk source for the next 3 years. A few years back, social media wouldn’t have even been on the radar! Also, the Harvard Business Review discussed how social media tools can [...]

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Inflation or Deflation? ……….Why Does it Matter?

Most economists and media are concerned about inflation. For example, a new McKinsey & Co study offers up inflation as a fresh concern. And the media talks quite a lot about the printing of money in Washington – and how that could easily lead to inflation. In my opinion, [...]

Unemployment in CA & the U.S. – What Can We Do?

According to the UCLA Anderson Forecast, it is predicted that California employers will shed another 90,000 jobs this year and job growth will remain slow. Overall, it’s expected to remain around 12%. California is far worse than the national average (which hovers just below 10%); however, there is much [...]

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Why pay attention to trends?

In my experience in working with multiple companies ranging from a 1-person inventor to multi-billion dollar international companies across multiple industries and working internationally, it’s noticed that one common denominator is that trends are critical. Noticing trends has been some of the most significant value I’ve provided to clients [...]

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