Listen here to my recent interview on OC Talk Radio – Critical Mass for Business.

I often get asked where I find the time to write so many articles, present at industry meetings, and post noteworthy items on social media. I really am passionate about what I do, but it is more than that. It truly is a sense of giving back; as Kevin Spacey portrayed in the movie, Pay it Forward.

Our industry depends on the strongest links to continually make improvements and grow our expertise. By sharing our knowledge, we strengthen even the weakest links, to be more productive and thoughtful business partners.

I was recently interviewed for the Critical Mass for Business radio show and was able to share my unique business perspective, as well as how our industry needs to continue to evolve. The interview covered everything from how I got started and what I do, to the changes in our industry and how we’ve had to adapt.

I stay plugged into the latest trends and analyze how they impact supply chain, process improvement, and logistics, with an eagle eye on the bottom line. Remember that sharing your expertise and creating a dialog with peers is an essential component to our evolution. I encourage you to use the many social networking opportunities to make the conversation engaging and wide-reaching. I truly believe that what we give, we get back ten-fold . . . and I hope you continually look for ways to make our industry even better.

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