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The Hidden Benefit of Observation

It's amazing how much can be learned from the most unusual or obscure situations yet 80% of the time, we miss it! We are not trained to keep our eyes open for examples and trends in everyday life. Trust me, you would not be alone; however, if you can [...]

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Never Stop Learning

In a society of over-communication, you'll stand out through continuous education and committment to learning. In today's business climate, those who stand out in a crowd will succeed. One of the keys to success is to never stop learning. Read: Especially in the information age, it is even more [...]

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Is Creating Life Balance Important During a Recession

As it so happens that I've recently experienced a stockpile of travels, vacations, birthday celebrations and life experiences such as attending my nephew's piano recital, I imagine you'd suspect my answer is YES! It's quite normal for people to work harder and longer in recessions - after all, everyone [...]

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Life Balance – What To Do

Since it's the summer and many folks are taking vacations and enjoying the summer while others are struggling to fill in "back at the office", I thought it was appropriate to discuss life balance. My consulting mentor, Alan Weiss, talks quite a bit about this subject and has a [...]

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The Power of Networks

Business success relies on the extent and effectiveness of your network. Developing quality relationships can take your personal and professional life to the next level. I've always seen the power of networks; however, there is a heightened sense of urgency surrounding the topic for those executives who would like [...]

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Overcoming Obstacles

No matter how much you plan, you’re going to face challenges. But learning to hurdle obstacles effectively will save you valuable time and a lot of grief. As I've yet to run across an executive without obstacles, learning how to effectively deal with them has to be a top [...]

A Recap Of 2006’s Trends In The Workplace

As a business consultant and speaker, I interact with more companies, trade associations, and people than the average person. One of my passions and advantages in the workplace has been that I tend to see trends in people, situations, etc, and so I thought as 2006 closes, it would [...]

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Recession-Proof Your Business & You

Expand globally - expand your thinking of your customer base to GLOBAL. For example, as China and India expand in purchasing power, your customer base can expand exponentially. If you don't go after it, your competition will. Value add - think about your value add. Even though it's likely [...]

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