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Strategy – it doesn’t fail in formulation; it fails in execution

It is interesting to sit back and watch as companies spend millions of dollars on strategy formulation, just to achieve minimal results due to poor execution. Yet, the process repeats constantly - more money is dumped into strategy formulation, 3 ring binders, fancy Power Point slides, etc. On the [...]

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Tips to increasing sales revenues

Clearly, one of the keys to thriving in the current recession is to be ahead of the competition in terms of sales: Remember value - don't focus solely on price. Focus on value, defined in terms of value perceived by your customer. Differentiate yourself with customer service - providing [...]

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Leverage the Transferability of Best Practices

It has recently occurred to me that businesses are missing a huge opportunity to leverage the transferability of best practices. Although as a business consultant, leveraging best practices has been an "assumed" part of the value I provide clients, even I missed the boat and forgot to leverage this [...]

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Business Development

What could be more important in today's new normal business environment of lackluster sales, strained liquidity and elevated customer service expectations than business development. Here are a few tips: Pick up the phone - as Sandi Brooks, a successful real estate broker even in today's weak market says, there [...]

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Often Overlooked Options to Drive Revenue Growth

In today's new normal business environment, characterized by sluggish growth, tight liquidity, elevated customer expectations and a general theme of "more for less", there's no doubt revenue has to be a top priority. Add demographic trends, and revenue becomes a critical priority. As baby boomers begin retiring, spending will [...]

Prominent Business Trends for the New Year

As 2011 winds down, it is an opportune time to evaluate this year's progress and to think about strategy for 2012. I find that in order to get ahead of the curve (NO longer a nice-to-have in today's new normal business environment); it is vital to incorporate the latest [...]

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Top Strategies to Ensure Success in the New Year

As we start the New Year, I thought it was worthwhile to discuss critical yet often overlooked blocking and tackling maneuvers that ensure success. As most are debating New Year's resolutions and how to reengage after the holidays, why not get a leg up on the competition by excelling [...]

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Customer Communications

Customer communication is always a good idea; however, leveraging customer communications during the new normal business environment is vital to success. Pick up the phone - some of the largest successes I've seen result from simple yet critical conversations. It can be as simple as calling a customer to [...]

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