Well, no doubt about it, when it rains, it pours. I had a tooth ache that lasted about a week, and so I called my dentist. They took an X-ray, and it didn’t really show anything; however, when looking with a microscope, they could see the fracture. We had to do exploratory work to try to see what was required. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the end of it, and so they sent me to a specialist to take a 3D X-ray. Unbelievably, the 3D X-ray didn’t show it either. Thus, after another X-ray for good measure, we had to do an exploratory root canal (my first) part 1 to see if it could be saved. Of course, that didn’t clarify it either and so the specialist conferred with my dentist, and they decided to proceed with part 2 which will likely solve it for several years minimally. Let’s hope!

I love Broadway plays and since that isn’t possible in person, I thought we’d use a fun one with this post. Have you seen The Little Shop of Horrors? Well, I had the opposite experience. What stood out was the level of caring that went into the process. My dentist was truly concerned to minimize my pain, and you could see her struggle with what to recommend for what was best for me. She wasn’t thinking about her practice or what was quick so she could get back to her day. The customer experience was top of mind. Are you thinking about what is best for your customers?

One Tip to Implement This Week:

I find that I talk a lot about the customer experience. After all, it is what differentiates successful companies from average companies. What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

  1. Do you think about your customer’s outcomes or your outcomes?: What is your first thought? You don’t have to share but think about it. How do you get to know what your customer needs?
  2. How do you know what your customer needs? Sure, start by asking; however, I find that more often than not, they don’t know. Instead, pay attention to what they aren’t saying. Read between the lines. I don’t always know what I need until someone shows me an example.
  3. Is your entire organization thinking about your customer? Everyone should be responsible for the customer.
  4. Will digital help or hurt? By no means should we always default to digital. On the other hand, if you aren’t thinking about it, you are missing the boat. Instead, don’t jump to conclusions. Use your common sense.

Consider these strategies to provide a superior customer experience and make an impact. Read more about these types of ideas to navigate and successfully emerge post COVID-19 in my free eBook Future-Proofing Manufacturing & Supply Chain Post COVID-19. Please send your feedback and stories. I will incorporate into an article, video or interview.

Stay safe & healthy.