May 1, 2017

I attended a consulting convention last week in Chicago, and the theme of the week was the critical importance of relationships.  Jonah Berger spoke about his book Contagious: Why Things Catch On. I thought a fascinating fact he talked about is that 91% of people buy (or business is gained) by word of mouth.  Simply amazing!  The same goes for almost anything – finding a job, getting a promotion, getting a project approved and so on.  Have you thought about this?

Also, I happened to see my best friend from grade school and junior high while in the Chicago area (prior to hearing this startling fact I must add) as I thought it would be nice to catch up.  And, I was able to see my cousins as well – it was really nice seeing them in person, even though it is far easier to stay connected to some degree with Facebook these days. I remember jumping into Wauconda Lake many times with my cousin and having a blast in the old days.  Of course, I also met up with consulting friends while in Chicago -one I haven’t seen in 12 years, two members of my global strategy group and several others.  Are you keeping in touch?

One tip to implement this week:
The great news is that it is quite easy to value the people in your life.  Have you picked up the phone lately to tell your colleague that you appreciate them?  Instead of thinking about how you can gain ground at work, think about how you can help a well-deserving colleague get ahead.  Be generous.

Keep in touch with valued former colleagues – whether in a different department, company or even country.  It is so much easier than it used to be with technology like Skype, Zoom and others.  Or, go old fashioned and send a note.  Strangely enough, it has come back into style.   Don’t worry about format and timing; just START.  Walk down the hall. Pick up the phone. Schedule a trip. Mail a card.  Or do whatever works for you.