November 23, 2019

While in Vietnam, I thought it made sense to see the World Heritage site nearby. Thus, I took a day tour of Ha Long Bay in north Vietnam. It is known for lush emerald and turquoise waters in the Gulf of Tonkin. You feel the tranquility. Have you thought about how to insert a bit of tranquility into the chaos?

One Tip to Implement This Week:
In the midst of Hanoi, it would seem as far as you can get from the tranquility of Ha Long Bay. Scooters are everywhere. Horns are honking. Traffic lights are nearly non-existent. Everyone is on their own, and you just have to step across the street regardless of what is coming. Yet somehow there seems to be organization amidst the chaos. On the other hand, aside from being crowded with tourists, Ha Long Bay is the opposite with absolute tranquility. Purposefully inserting tranquility into your crazy routine can spur new ideas and reorient your thinking. 

Since I was in Vietnam, this seemed like a good option. What can you do to achieve this same type of impact? Should you get away for lunch? Take a walk on a break? Go on a mini retreat to re-think your strategy? Or simply take the train and read a book instead of fighting traffic in your car? It doesn’t matter what you do. Simply think about what works for you and follow that path to keep your mind fresh and to stimulate new ideas.