How Manufacturers Can Preserve the Supply Chain After a Disaster

Published in ThomasNet News on Oct. 1, 2013 As part of a disaster plan, manufacturers should set up transportation agreements with at least two carriers, and use each on a regular basis, said Supply Chain Expert and Consultant, Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD President of LMA Consulting Group. Click [...]

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Critical Mass Radio Show: Interview on Manufacturing & Supply Chain

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson talks about what is important to manufacturing and supply chain, how best practices can add value regardless of size and shares tips, ideas and strategies for manufacturing success. Use controls below to listen. Download MP3 16.7MB

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How Manufacturers and Distributors can Utilize Social Media for Success

Maximize your use of social media to distinguish your company. In today’s new normal, we are in a volatile and challenging business environment where customers are demanding more for less – and NOW! Thus, it is increasingly critical to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways [...]

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Lantz on Leadership: A Practical Approach to Creating Profit through People and Process

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson provides tips and techniques on how to leverage people and processes to achieve the best business results and in preparation for the "new normal" business environment. Use controls below to listen. Download MP3

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How to Thrive in 2010’s “New Normal” Business Operations Environment

Published in "IndustryWeek" website, December, 2009 The business environment has changed and will not "return to normal"; instead, a "new normal" is emerging. The U.S. and the world economy have been in a recession for at least a year, and the media is starting to discuss a slow recovery. [...]

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How to Cultivate a Culture of Innovation

Pinpointing success is about re-packaging—literally and figuratively—by connecting the dots in a new way and seeing trends and hidden profit opportunities. Published in "The Business Edge" website, November, 2011 There has never been a better time to cultivate an environment of innovation! We are in what has been referred [...]

How to Accelerate Cash Flow through Supply Chain Innovations

Published in "Reuters" website, February, 2011 Business managers and entrepreneurs can increase cash flow with already-existing assets through the implementation of innovative supply chain strategies, according to Lisa Anderson, founder and President of LMA Consulting Group, Inc. "In today's new normal business environment, cash is king, yet traditional methods [...]

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Increasing Cash Flow through Supply Chain Improvements

Published in "The ACA Group" website, March, 2011 As we are emerging from the recession, we are by no means returning to the high growth days of the past. Instead, the new normal is here to stay - slow growth for those who stay ahead of the curve, tight [...]

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