Lean – Fad or Vehicle to Bottom Line Results?

If you notice and act upon trends, you will succeed. In my 20 years of experience across multiple industries and globally, I've found that a secret to success is identifying trends EARLY in the process and then acting upon them as it makes sense. Lately, I've had a plethora [...]

Business Process Improvement to Drive Bottom Line Results

Business process improvement has almost become a "buzzword" - sounds good but what does it mean? What is really accomplished? Many times, companies create volumes of 1-inch thick binders of best practice processes, and yet achieve no bottom line results. Anyone seen these binders collecting dust on the bookshelf? [...]

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Lessons from my Finance Mentor: How to Turn a Profit

My finance mentor definitely signifies "profit through people". I learned more from him about how to make a profit in the years we worked together than my BSBA, MBA (in Finance) and all the training classes over the years combined. He took all the complex terminology, confusing formulas and [...]

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Tips for surviving a physical inventory

Prepare, prepare, and prepare: 80% of your success is in preparation. Organize the warehouse, clearly mark areas, label exceptions, complete and review system transactions, etc. Stop / isolate movement: When you begin your physical count, stop all physical and system movements and transactions. This is a critical foundation - [...]

Tips for decreasing inventory levels without affecting your customers!

A few best practices for reducing inventory levels without negatively impacting customer service include the following:  Put the "right" people in the "right" jobs - it is amazing how much this one point contributes to success. Managing inventory levels requires a unique skill set - analysis, seeing the bigger [...]

Achieving Inventory Velocity “and” Customer Delight

Do these hypothetical situations sound familiar? Acme Company has a large, priority customer called Wylie Company. Acme must service Wylie flawlessly to maintain the contract, so to ensure stock is always available when Wylie needs it, Acme agrees to a guaranteed safety stock level for Wylie. And, Acme ends [...]

Profit Through People

I am a supply chain and operations consultant and former executive. Based on my experiences, I have seen many companies look for the "magic ingredient" in how to achieve profitability. Several high-priced consultants and programs (such as Six Sigma, Total Quality Management and Toyota Production System) later, the company [...]

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The $1 million dollar planner

With all the competing demands within a supply chain organization, a $1 Million Dollar Planner is the person that can see the bigger picture and communicate just how the company’s objectives can be achieved. What is a $1 million dollar planner? And why does it matter? I've always been [...]

Cycle Counting

The key to effective cycle counting is to not get bogged down in resolving every dollar, but rather focus on the significant discrepancies. The main goal of cycle counting is to cycle through your inventory to ensure inventory accuracy on a consistent basis. (In contrast, a physical inventory is [...]

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