Leverage the Transferability of Best Practices

It has recently occurred to me that businesses are missing a huge opportunity to leverage the transferability of best practices. Although as a business consultant, leveraging best practices has been an "assumed" part of the value I provide clients, even I missed the boat and forgot to leverage this [...]

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As innovation is key to succeeding in the "new normal", I thought a few tips might prove helpful: Create a culture of innovation - it's not enough to encourage innovation in R&D. Those companies who create a culture of innovation will be those who succeed. Start with the customer [...]

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Bedrock - always appropriate. I want to thank my mentor in this topic, Debra Daniels for her expertise – Debra, have I incorporated your wisdom appropriately? Build safety into the culture – most safety programs are pointless as they are considered an outside program (and many times, meetings are [...]

Is Your Inventory System Working?

In my experience in working with clients across multiple industries, geographies and sizes, I have no doubt that effective inventory management is far from a no-brainer, yet implementing a few secrets to success can yield dramatic bottom line results. In today's new normal business environment, characterized by sluggish growth, [...]

Lessons Learned from Failure

Why do failures generate so much interest? Perhaps as students, we had it pounded into our heads that mistakes are bad - avoid failure at all costs. What can we learn from failure? First, failure isn't fatal - not only is failure not fatal but it also is critical [...]

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Bedrock Topic: Inventory Accuracy

Inventory accuracy is often overlooked, but it is vital to to bottom line business results. Although a bedrock topic, inventory accuracy is often overlooked in operations strategy discussions as it becomes an assumption or something that just should occur. However, I am constantly reminded of its vital importance and [...]

Improving Operational Efficiency

As I continually find, fundamentals are often overlooked yet critical to success; thus, it seems this is a great topic to take a look at.... What matters in your operation? - Forget about Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and the rest for now. In my experience, it is a distraction [...]

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The Resurgence of Manufacturing – it’s up to you!

Resurgence of manufacturing is occurring if we choose to take hold of it! As I recently attended the Manufacturing Summit in the Inland Empire and have been preparing for my Association of Operations Management Inland Empire Chapter's 2nd Annual Executive Panel & Networking Symposium entitled "The Resurgence of Manufacturing [...]

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Is Outsourcing Dead?

As the cost advantages for outsourcing dry up more companies are bringing manufacturing back to North America. Re-shoring may increasingly be your best bet for improving customer service levels without going broke. GE has started to rev up Appliance Park again - and is starting to bring manufacturing back [...]

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