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Critical Mass Radio Show: Interview on Manufacturing & Supply Chain

In this radio talk show interview, Lisa Anderson talks about what is important to manufacturing and supply chain, how best practices can add value regardless of size and shares tips, ideas and strategies for manufacturing success. Use controls below to listen. Download MP3 16.7MB

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Why Become the Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain?

Being known as the strongest link in your supply chain is the key to success. In today's new normal business environment where sales are no longer easy, talent is in short supply even amidst high unemployment levels, volatility is the new norm and customers want "more for less - [...]

The New Normal Business Environment

In today's new normal business environment which is characterized by volatility, lackluster sales, customers wanting “more for less – and NOW” and a talent shortage admist high unemployment levels, companies are turning to the supply chain to deliver RESULTS. Our view of the supply chain is from our [...]

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How to Thrive in 2010’s “New Normal” Business Operations Environment

Published in "IndustryWeek" website, December, 2009 The business environment has changed and will not "return to normal"; instead, a "new normal" is emerging. The U.S. and the world economy have been in a recession for at least a year, and the media is starting to discuss a slow recovery. [...]

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How to Accelerate Cash Flow through Supply Chain Innovations

Published in "Reuters" website, February, 2011 Business managers and entrepreneurs can increase cash flow with already-existing assets through the implementation of innovative supply chain strategies, according to Lisa Anderson, founder and President of LMA Consulting Group, Inc. "In today's new normal business environment, cash is king, yet traditional methods [...]

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Sarbanes Oxley

Meant to protect investors and increase transparency in corporate accounting, implementing the Sarbanes Oxley Act takes some organizational introspection. The 2002 Sarbanes Oxley legislation (new, enhanced standards for all U.S. public companies) was established in response to high-profile financial scandals (Enron etc) in order to protect shareholders and the [...]

What are the Latest Supply Chain Trends?

How can we not only "get through" today's new normal business environment but THRIVE? In my 20+ years of experience as both an Operations Executive and as an entrepreneur and business consultant who has worked with multiple companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises across varied industries and [...]

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Emerging Supply Chain Trends

Stay on top of trends to stand out from the crowd. Those executives who stay on top of the latest trends and search for patterns and trends in their business are far more successful than their counterparts. In my 20+ years of experience across multiple industries and globally, I've [...]

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Supply Chain Strategy – Formula for Success

Succeeding in today's new normal business environment requires thinking about supply chain strategy differently than we did ten years ago. Supply chains have become more complex - and global. Managing risk is multifaceted. Yet supply chains are the bread and butter of business success as customer satisfaction is not [...]

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