Supply Chain

Pioneer of Supply Chain Employment

Bold ideas in employment may be counterintuitive but you have to be willing to fail to win big. I recently attended the Southern California Logistics & Supply Chain Summit hosted by the Center for Supply Chain & Logistics of the Drucker School of Management and the Inland Empire Economic [...]

Supply Chain Trends for Success

Keeping up on the latest supply chain trends can be invaluable for your career and your company success. I’ve never believed in “jumping on the latest bandwagon”, just to be in the cool crowd and to have the opportunity to work with the trendy topics. However, [...]

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The Power of Amazon

I've been thinking about the power of Amazon since I facilitated an APICS tour of their San Bernardino 1.2 million square feet facility on Friday. It was quite impressive from several viewpoints: 1) warehouse automation. 2) simplicity 3) how they treat their people. 4) the power of continuous improvement. [...]

Cross Supply Chain Opportunities

Look beyond your immediate customers to their customers, and so on, for cross-supply chain opportunities that could spell win-win-win for all I find that cross-functional teams can be some of the most valuable teams that generate winning ideas. By taking a diverse team of people with different backgrounds and [...]

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The Amazon Effect: Why We Must Pay Attention to Our Customers

Two thirds of manufacturers and distributors have customer service gaps when compared to Amazon and mega-distributors like Amazon, according to a research study performed by LMA Consulting Group Inc. Amazon has created not only a buzz with their innovative service options but they have also raised the bar for [...]

The Power of Partnerships

I helped to kick off a SAP Bootcamp for my APICS (#1 trade association for supply chain management) chapter in combination with our partner, Cal State University, San Bernardino.  Cal State University San Bernardino is one of the only universities I am familiar with that teaches students about ERP [...]

ExpertClick: Lisa Anderson’s Manufacturing Connector BlogTM Recognized as Top 100 Best Global Supply Chain Management Blogs

Originally published on ExpertClick on March 4, 2015 LMA Consulting Group's Lisa Anderson's The Manufacturing Connector BlogTM has been named to the top 100 best global supply chain management blogs by SupplyChainOpz, an online worldwide information resource covering supply chain management and logistics for academics, consultants and business.  Anderson, [...]

Customer Collaboration on Orders = RESULTS

Working in partnership with your customers delivers winning results on both ends. Customer collaboration has become cornerstone to success in today’s supply chain driven world. We are all part of a supply chain, and so we must look for ways to thrive within our supply chains. Undoubtedly, those who [...]

Essential Skills of the Supply Chain Superhero

Surviving and flourishing in today’s business environment increasingly demands more of the supply chain professional, including excelling at soft and technical skills. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged. What a startling statistic! Through observation of clients, trade association members, and colleagues, I'd [...]

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