I helped to kick off a SAP Bootcamp for my APICS (#1 trade association for supply chain management) chapter in combination with our partner, Cal State University, San Bernardino.  Cal State University San Bernardino is one of the only universities I am familiar with that teaches students about ERP systems (enterprise resource planning) and provides hands-on exposure.  Certainly, ERP systems are the backbone of how manufacturers and distributors run their business, and SAP happens to be the #1 ERP system.  Thus, we are very excited to be partnering with such a progressive team.

We had students from other universities and supply chain professionals in attendance including several from surrounding chapters – obviously the session attracted people to drive considerable distances on a Saturday morning.  Partnerships are not always ideal (and often require hard work and upfront communication); however, finding ones where 1+1=56 can be well worth the effort.

One tip to implement this week:
What partnerships do you have in place?  Take a few minutes to gather your team and think about strategic partnerships.  I’ve found them to yield significant benefits and create employee loyalty.  After all, who doesn’t like to be a valued member of a partnership that is achieving great results?   Think about customers: can you develop a partnership with additional members of your supply chain for a mutual benefit?  For example, can you use your customer’s warehouse to reduce lead times and/or create transportation efficiencies?  How can you make that a win-win?  The same holds true for your suppliers? START by thinking about what you can offer your supply chain partner.  Undoubtedly, they will think about how they can make it a win for you as well.  How about your banking partners and other trusted advisors?  Local colleges and universities?  Think outside the box for accelerated results.