If you want to achieve profitable business growth apply the people plus initiative equation and see how your bottom line transforms.

No matter how many conversations go on about technology and the latest and greatest processes to drive results in manufacturing and distribution companies (including robots and automation taking over lower-skill positions), people remain “in”.  Without exception, our best clients consider people their #1 asset.

Who develops the programs for the robots?  Who figures out how to utilize business analysis tools and predictive analysis / artificial intelligence concepts?   And who implements best practice processes such as lean manufacturing, SIOP/ S&OP and the like?  People!

There is zero doubt that the best people with mediocre machines, technologies and less-than-desirable systems will outperform mediocre people with the best machines, technologies and systems – every time!  We cannot count the times a facility turned around with a new, exceptional leader.  On the other hand, we have also seen large complex organizations change out General Managers like singers change clothes in concerts (for example, Reba used to change clothes 15 times in one concert!) – with NO better results (and often worse results) repeatedly.  Eventually, a strong leader arrives with largely the same team and transformation begins.  Since we pride ourselves on our successful track record of achieving tangible results in partnership with our clients, it is obvious how important people are in achieving this goal.  Our initiatives can turn from tough challenges that will take longer to achieve success into fun, exciting rapid-change projects that deliver bottom line results based on the leader we partner with on the project.