Although we don’t typically come into companies to focus on organizational development projects, our focus is 80% on this type of work – achieving results boils down to PEOPLE and CULTURE. Since our business is based on partnering with our clients to achieve bottom line business results, our Profit through People brand is interweaved into every project we undertake.

Since our Profit through People brand comes into play with every client collaboration, it is germane to delivering a significant return on investment for the client. Our top ROIs include:

  • Accelerating cash flow
  • Increasing margins & profitability
  • Elevating customer service & satisfaction

Although we weave these improvements as needed to ensure results, the types most commonly employed:

  • Navigating culture change
  • Partnering on change management initiatives
  • Coaching & mentoring leaders related to programs & projects being addressed
  • Encouraging and designing cross-functional coordination and teamwork

Brings Teams Together for Success

Lisa consulted with my company on projects in supply chain improvement and organizational improvement. In all cases she contributed in several valuable ways; her vision of the goal was crystal clear and well articulated to the team, as a project manager Lisa was disciplined and organized, she kept all projects moving forward through many challenges. Lisa demonstrated the ability work across organizational lines to bring people together and bring significant projects to fruition. I recommend Lisa Anderson for your most difficult assignments in operations and organizational improvement.

Jim Cenname | US Aluminum

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